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Promo Pony was founded by Stephenie Bjorkman. Stephenie is 30 years old and has been riding horses since she was 5. Horses have always been her passion. She grew up riding at Lorill Equestrian Center, in Scottsdale Arizona. Finally when she was 12 her parents bought her first horse, McCoy. He was a retired show horse that was blind in one eye. Stephenie owned this horse for 2 years, but eventually out grew him. When it came time to sell him she wondered how was she going to sell a horse that was not only older, but blind in one eye? This is when Stephenie discovered her real horses. If she could sell a horse that was blind in one eye, what couldn't she sell? She created her first flyer and listed McCoy online and in a few different magazines. At only 13 years old Stephenie sold this horse is less than 2 weeks! To make a long story short, McCoy was the stepping stone for many more horse selling transactions. Buying and selling horses has been something that Stephenie has always loved to do. Since 1998 Stephenie has not only managed her family jewelry store, Sami Fine Jewelry, but has been in charge of all of their marketing and events. Stephenie has finally taken her selling/marketing skills to the next level and created Promo Pony. Stephenie is not only a "computer junkie" but a natural sales person and has eye for detail. Promo Pony is her way of using her sales talent, but also enjoying her true passion....horses.

Promo Pony was created to help others be able to market there horses in a professional manor at a discounted price! For more information about Stephenie's services please call her at 480-209-7390.


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