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Scott Patt is an artist whose work is informed by the big pitch, by the aesthetics of communication and its multivalent layers in our physical environments – urban and rural. Inspired by the art of the Pennsylvania Dutch and post pop consumerism with its primary colors and promises of a healthier tomorrow, he was born in Allentown PA at the confluence of past greats – steel town and country idyll. His paintings and installations have been shown around the world—from Japan and Amsterdam to Portland and New York in spaces ranging from museums to alternative storefronts. He’s been shown at Winston Wächter in NYC, 212 Gallery in Aspen, CO and the Portland Museum of Art as well as galleries like McCaig-Welles and Compound Gallery. He’s been a body builder, missionary, surfer, strip club sketch artist and creative director at some of those companies making those pitches and promises. Scott currently lives and works in Southern California.

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