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Arctic Pictures is a post-production studio that was established in 2008, in Athens. It's the product of collaboration, of a team people with experience in the field of advertising, cinema and TV production. Our work model is to fully understand the nature and individuality of every project and communicate creatively with the client. The studio is well-found to meet the demands of modern post-production and the people thorough-paced in their respective fields.


  1. Correct Creative Productions
  2. Imagineer Systems
  3. Hensel Guerra
  4. Angelos Roditakis
  5. Lightfarm Studios
  6. Mascista
  7. Faust
  8. Reel Life Sports
  9. Louder Than Eleven
  10. The Art of VFX
  11. Chicago C4D
  12. monologue
  13. Thomas Banner
  14. Drazen Zeljkovic
  15. Thanasis Tsimpinis
  16. Stargate Studios
  17. Gergely Regula
  18. NOMINT

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