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34 yr old Caucasian Male. Risk Management. Hetero. No Warrants.
Resident of the Virginia Highland neighborhood in Atlanta GA. YouTube refugee. Multiple passions provide for multiple types of videos:
-Aviation -Music -My Take on Govt, Political & Int'l Affairs -Local Shenanigans
-Severe Weather -Scenery -Arbitrary Nonsense -Comedy

My creations revolve around an offshoot from a photography hobby in which I record & archive "stock" footage of whatever & whenever. Over time I've developed a stockpile from which I can create pretty much anything. From a story to a political statement.

My hopes & dreams will remain a closely guarded secret but may occasionally pop up briefly in a video somewhere. My overriding takeaway from the last decade is that people in this country are experiencing an intelligence degradation like never before seen in history.

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