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If you would like to see Megli Micek in some of her work, check out her "Like" tab. What great film makers she has gotten to work with.

Megli Micek is a young actor that started acting at the of 7. She has worked on many short films and two feature films as of the date of this posting. In 2011 she was named the Rising Star of Nevada by the Vegas Independent FIlm Festival and attends Middle School in Clark County Nevada.

NEWEST AWARD: Megli was named "Best Actress" in May 2013 at the Vegas Independent Film Festival for her performance in Liars, Fires and Bears. She also appeared in the festival in Little Monsters in a supporting role.


  1. M. Simon Lim
  2. Brett Austin Walters
  3. Adam Zielinski
  4. Brian Hershall Merrick
  5. Tony Clifford
  6. David Schmoeller
  7. Luke Jones
  8. Lundon Boyd
  9. Charles Cantrell
  10. Chris Russell
  11. Devon Byers
  12. Constanza Castro
  13. Jeremy Cloe

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