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Rickey Rockstar, true 3D without glasses, Rickey has discovered the secret to this new revolutionary process to add depth , be the first to view what everyone will soon pay for...imagine the depth of the music......? Upcoming virtual tour, has worked with everybody from Jon Bon jovi , Tesla, Geoff Workman, Angelic Rage, CastleRock, TypperGore, Eternity, Disturbing the peace, the list goes on and on. Super anointed heavy hitter musician , bring your friends , sit back enjoy music that will take you on an emotional journey, this music has infectious energy, the momentum is truly awe inspiring, thought provoking music, everyone can relate to these songs, some solo, some with writing partners, based on real life events, hit after hit on this albumn, songs you will find yourself singing over and over, songs of personal struggle,triumph and everything in between,just as good live as in the studio,polished,attractive new music, Rickey has done it again.... set the trend ....

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  1. yes this is a taste of a new way to enjoy live music from your internet connection , you can view from your smart phone, your laptop or your smart television set, flat screen or android iphone, your tablet or projector you pick the place the…
  2. Wonderful , Praise the most High king of Kings.....
  3. That was great, love the over lays, the music fits nicely, please post more... Rickey Thomas