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I am an artist and actress and just love to participate in film and television productions that touch, move and inspire the viewer. Some of my favourites are: Amelie, Intouchables, The Bells of Saint Mary, Its a wonderful life.....
I can be contacted through most known Dutch casting agencies and are internationally orientated. Right now I am in the process of editing my first documentary and love doing that.


  1. Jaap
  2. Focus Forward Films
  3. Nicola Meninno
  4. MJWFilms

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  1. Helemaal leuk!! Super goed vervolg, niet minder verrassend dan jullie eerste mega succes!
  2. Justine Kluen commented on Directeur
    Geweldig filmpje!!! Tja, zo kan het dus ook!!
  3. Kan niet wachten Greet...!!