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Break Away from routine,
Come back to the Earth.
Seek the Omens
until the Extreme North of Oneself !

Leave traces of Love
(better than proves)
between the countrysides
of the Encounter.

So that to let enough space
for the upcoming Poem.


  1. taize echoes
  2. JoannaKutos
  3. Luca Priori
  4. Nils Caneele
  5. Leo Becker
  6. tim Wheatley
  7. Levi
  8. Chris Gruar
  9. Guillaume Blanchet I Filmmaker
  10. Ted Chung
  11. Quixotic
  12. Benji Rodgers-Wilson
  13. Blanche
  14. javier godar
  15. DANCE B.A.N.
  16. R Smittenaar