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Julia O'Reilly recently directed “Mourning After”. She has a background in motion graphics and animation, visual art and design.

O’Reilly served as Production Designer and editor for “The Big Spill”, a short film still under post-production. She is also working on a documentary about the journey of adult participants in a dance class that went on stage.

O’Reilly began in 3D animation and effects in the mid-90’s, working as animator and artist for former Eugene, Oregon animation house Digital Artworks, Inc., whose client list included National Geographic, IMAX producer MacGillivray-Freeman, Dolby Digital, HBO and Paramount Studios.

Beginning a professional exhibition career in 1982, O’Reilly has exhibited works in pastel, etching and acrylic painting extensively in the Pacific Northwest and internationally. Her work is represented in many corporate and private collections.


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