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Julien Maalouf grew up in the world of production and post production, his childhood escape was in films, music and a passion for comic books.

Since his early teen hood, this desire for filmmaking led him to his new playground; filming and editing. Perfecting it as a hobby, while still in school, Julien’s future career plans were well defined and focused on the media industry.

He graduated from UKA Lebanon in 2006 and his short movies were screened in many Lebanese film festivals as well in the European film festival. From there, Julien continued his work in major TV shows and series a for LBCI, DARKSIDE, IMagic, StudioVision, Dubai TV and NewLook productions as Director and editor.

As of 2009, Julien established himself as a remarkable Lebanese new talent in TV directing, specialized in indoor and outdoor shootings.
He directed the hit show “CIA” that was adopted by the pioneer Lebanese TV channel MTV. On CIA, he collaborated with one of the biggest names in the Lebanese show business such as ”Marc Kodeih”, the Lebanese playwright and director.
Julien considers himself fortunate to have had inspiring mentors.

Above all, Julien was able to be exposed to challenging projects by working with renowned script writers and TV executives, with more than 150 episodes of prime time shows and commercials, music videos and corporate videos to his credit.

In 2012, he started alternating shooting between Beirut and Doha, where he eventually joined the National Qatari TV channel “Al Rayan” as In-house TV shows director.

After a decade in the industry, Julien considers himself blessed “I am blessed to have this passion for filmmaking”.

For him, having a clear vision, well implicit to his crew and cast, is of a primordial importance and a key element to the success of any work.

Always on the lookout for the latest technologies to fulfill and execute his creative vision, in the fastest yet most effective approach. He seeks to forge a distinctive style on each of his projects while focusing on the essence of the subject.


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