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  1. That's what I ended up doing, I used the "choose from dropbox feature" But when I uploaded using that method, whenever i would select 5 videos, only 4 would upload.
  2. Ian, I have had files waiting to upload for 12 hours now. they have not uploaded.
  3. Ian, I added a bunch more video's to the drop box, it took about 2 hours before they uploaded to Vimeo, but it did work this time around. I will keep you up to date if there are any more problems. - Adam
  4. Hi Ian, I put about 40 video's in my drop box to automatically upload, The first 4 or 5 did upload automatically, but then after that i had to go to the upload page and select 5 videos at a time from the dropbox to upload. While it was still faster…
  5. This feature does not work for me either. It was one of the reasons i moved *and paid) from youtube to vimeo, I am dissapointed.