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Although, SQ Productions is a young company, President Tamer Tewfik is by no means a newcomer to the world of film and television. Tamer got his start in broadcast television and film while in college. He started working on film sets as an audio assist which led him to begin freelancing for NFL Films in Mount Laurel. There, he gained much experience with their Emmy Award™ winning audio crews and soon began working as a freelance audio-engineer for several different production companies.

After 20 years of on-set experience with some of the best film and broadcasting companies in the world, Tamer gathered his many years of experience, resources, and skills to launch SQ Productions as a FULL service production company. With a wide array of professionals in his network, SQP delivers a unique service to the production world.

SQP services include radio and television commercials, training videos, trade show videos, jingles, single camera interviews, multi-camera events, live web-casting and photography.

As quality video is rapidly becoming a standard for businesses, SQ Video Productions is amongst its pioneers.

Tamer Tewfik is formally trained pianist, vocalist and band-leader of the Tamer Tewfik Jazz ensemble which he started over 10 years ago. He has released four commercial CDs with his ensembles.

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