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Thomas Rex Beverly is a graduate of Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas where he received a bachelor’s degree in music composition. At Trinity, he studied with Timothy Kramer, David Heuser, Jack W. Stamps, and Brian Nelson. Beverly studied abroad in fall 2008 in Prague, Czech Republic. There he studied composition with the Czech composer Michal Rataj and researched contemporary Czech music. He completed a Master of Arts in Teaching for Music Education at Trinity University and then taught as the Band and Choral Director at KIPP Aspire Academy in San Antonio. He has had pieces performed at the 2009 SCI Region VI Conference, the 2013 Electroacoustic Barn Dance Festival, the 2013 New Voices Festival at the Catholic University of America, the 2013 Christian Fellowship of Art Music Composers National Conference, the 2013 National Student Electronic Music Event at Temple University, the 2014 Biennial Symposium for Arts and Technology at Connecticut College, 2014 National Student Electronic Music Event at Georgia Southern University, the 2014 Bowling Green State University Graduate Student Conference, the 2014 SCI Iowa New Music Symposium, the 2014 TransX Transmissions Art Symposium in Toronto, Canada, the 2014 Sweet Thunder Electroacoustic Festival, the 2014 New York City Electroacoustic Festival, Circuit Bridges, IngenuityFest 2014, the Firenze Multimedia Festival, the 2014 International Computer Music Conference. He piece Ringing Rocks is a winner of the Cypress Symphonic Band Call for Score for new wind ensemble music and he was one of eight composers selected to attend the 2014 So Percussion Summer Institute. He is currently attending graduate school at Bowling Green State University in their Master of Music Composition degree program. He is studying with Elainie Lillios and Christopher Dietz and is a Music Technology Teaching Assistant.

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