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Bas Manders (27-09-’77) is working as a freelance Art Director for clients such as HEMA, D-Reizen, Mercedes-Benz, Greenpeace, SeaLife, Belcompany, Continental, L’Officiel magazine, T-Mobile, Coca Cola, Nederlandse Spoorwegen, Staatsloterij, NOC NSF, and ELLE fashion Brands.

In 2007 Bas worked as a Art Director at CCCP Amsterdam and in 2005 at LOWE+DRAFT Amsterdam, working for clients such as Coca Cola, Fanta, Holland, KPN, Planet Internet, Het Net, Unilever, Delta Lloyd, Rexona, Plus Supermarkt, Randstad and HEMA.

In 2004 Bas worked as a freelance Art Director for advertising agencies PPGH JWT, CCCP, KesselsKramer and LOWE+DRAFT Amsterdam, working for clients such as Hans Brinker Budget Hotel, KitKat, NS, Planet Internet and Blend.

Bas started working as a freelance Art Director in 2001 at the Dutch Fashion Foundation, working on creative concepts for Moët & Chandon, ELLE magazine, Bugaboo, Mercedes-Benz and BAT, fashion shows & art exhibitions in Paris, Milan, Rome and New York.

2012: IAAPA Best Theme park Innovation Award for SeaLife Raincampaign
2011: Bas developed own products such as the iFrame
2010: Dutch Design Award nomination for HEMA
2010: Bas developed a new way of communicating in the world of advertising. Every time it rains the advertising campaign appears on the street: RAINCAMPAIGN®. When the streets dry up the communication disappears again.
2010: Bas founded the innovative green media platform FRESH GREEN ADS©
2009: The iPhone 3GS launch campaign for T-Mobile
2007: The introduction campaign for KPN Interactive TV
2006: Rexona Biorythm international campaign (Dutch Design Award nomination)
2003: Royal Dutch Art Fund for Graphic Design (Fonds BKVB)

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