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  1. Mark commented on Delete an Accout
  2. Hello, Thank you very so much - a can acceder. Your service is very, very good and quick Franz Baldas
  3. Mark commented on Delete an Accout
    They should return soon.
  4. Thank you very, very much for your help, 1 Question: when y can acceder on this account again, but for all the videos ? Sorry my english es very bad franz
  5. Mark commented on Delete an Accout
    This was an accident - sorry about that! I'm restoring this content right now.
  6. Hello, Hola, Hallo, Why you had delete yesterday at 30.3.2013 the accout from Prof. Marcelo Andrade with more than 50 videos? Por que se han eliminado ayer al 30.3.2013 la cuenta de Prof. Marcelo Andrade con mas de 50 videos? Warum haben…