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I immigrated here from YouTube because of all the restrictions there, but unfortunately the users on Vimeo aren't nearly as active... I took my vids off publicly due to lack of feedback and I'm not sure I have the motivation to post more.


  1. Drake Bois
  2. Straightjockfootlover
  3. Xander Beckett
  4. Axel by Hadashi
  5. Graham H

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  1. Nick P. commented on Heiko's feet :-)
    Just makes you wonder about the german players' sweaty feet during world cup... ne, ALL the players... too bad there's no international foot inspector position... that would be an even bigger competition than the game itself ;-)
  2. Nick P. commented on Canadian cool
    Nice one!
  3. Nick P. commented on Mari's dirty feet
    Yeah, the prospects of nice feet out & about in the summertime persuade me to carry a camera with me almost 24/7 :P