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  1. eddie quest commented on Meant to Be
    Awesome story. Interesting tho, this guy looks like Bobby Kennedy.
  2. eddie quest commented on Currency peg
    I see you already had a few, from the looks of the last 10 seconds or so... LOL
  3. I think you hit it on the head with this one, PH. I have found that in many instances, Growth=Decay. Pushing for growth, as the ultimate need of all businesses, is the very reason we have this problem. It will NOT go away if we continue pushing…
  4. The younger docs, I notice, aren't really happy when we have more information than they did while attending med school. Personally, I cannot wait for the REAL "medical tricorder" (An X-prize) to become reality. It should help bring down pathetically…
  5. Why don't the banks just print some more?(POOF!) That's all they do, anyway. Everyone knows money is not even real.
  6. LOL. After viewing several of these wonderfully informative videos, I find myself... needing a drink. ;-)
  7. Oy Vey. Methinks I need a drink already.But thanks for that frightening bit of info.