The Shys

San Clemente / Los Angeles

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kyle krone: vocals.guitar

chris wulff: guitar

tony cupito: drums

riley stephenson: keys

ryan hansen: bass

they tear up the stage with their fuzzed-up super-rock like the Who in the early days-ROLLING STONE

The Shys consistently and confidently churn through weighty layers of fuzz as if they want listeners to hear them sweat.SPIN

These loveable rouges aren't quite the wallflowers their moniker might admit. Their hybrid blend of classic American and British rock & roll. Equal chucks of Stooges & Stones: Stone Roses, and Sly and The Family... fight for melodic democracy and soulful sensibility.FILTER MAGAZINE

The Shys mix radio-ready anthemic rock with nods to the stooges on their brit-rock/punk pop debut. Frontman Kyle Krone's voice is growly and messianic enough to lead teenagers into their rebellious years. URB MAGAZINE

What"Astoria" is, then, is less a full portrait of the band as it is a snapshot of a magical, musical month in the lives of four rockers, the eldest of whom is 22. Revealed are snippets of the Shys' classic influences the likes of the Rolling Stones, the Stooges, the Stone Roses, and Oasis-LA TIMES

The Shys take a tried formula mainly used by British groups of the sixties and seventies (Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Beatles, The Clash) and turn it into something visceral, all their own.FLAUNT MAGAZINE

Hundreds of young bands still make their generic stabs at short-fast-catchy, and every so often a good one gets lost in the crowd, on a major especially ("Never Gonna Die," "Astoria")-NYC VILLAGE VOICE

Guitarist and singer Kyle Krone's vocals are enduringly smashing. The guitar work is bluesy and smooth, fitting well with the evocative lyrics of Waiting on the Sun and then riffing perfectly in Call in the Cavalry and title track Astoria, which are impeccable. There is a clever and perpetual quality to lyrics and all instruments are eloquently placed -LITTLE RADIO

The Shys have taken the crunchy guitars and heavy, fuzz-filled solos, and added more traditionally poppy group choruses and catchy melodies to come out with gritty rock that is immediately accessible. …The sing-along choruses of "She's Already Gone" and "Mercy" echo Oasis, proving to be highly catchy, radio-ready rock, though the Shys stand as a grittier, gutsier version. - NPR

You'll Never Understand The Band The Way That I Do has a little bit of everything; the classic foundations are there, supported by an awesome new indie sound.- XM Radio

The Shys second full-length release, You'll Never Understand This Band The Way That I Do... is a winner. It is a fascinating mix of 60's British psychedelia, 70's pub rock and indie-punk channeled through the vision of a young southern-California band. - Brooklyn Rocks Blog

On You'll Never Understand This Band The Way That I Do, the album-opening instrumental "Spanish Village by the Sea" gives way to gigantic, barroom rock 'n' roll sound, somewhere between the Who and the Hold Steady, Bruce Springsteen and the Strokes. Dudes have definitely done their homework
- UR Chicago

Lead vocalist Kyle Krone alternates between slight snarls and tortured whispers, conjuring up an odd coupling of Jack White and Conor Oberst, while the drums of Tony Cupito and keys of Riley Stephenson add layers of immense sound.
- Hot Rock Black Belly Blog

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