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Victoria, BC

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I am a budding web designer based in Victoria, BC. I have recently discovered how much I enjoy using a variety of digital mediums to express my creativity. As a surfer, I am drawn to videos about the ocean and the people that live near these salty bodies of water. Watching videos where people are interacting with their surrounding environment, whether natural or built, inspires me.

I hope to create websites, videos, and other digital media that will inspire others.


  1. Benjamin Alexis
  2. Shape Video
  3. Vincent Urban
  4. Ruwac Productions
  5. Canada's History
  6. UAPS
  7. FolloW the Vane
  8. Gato Bask
  9. Thalia Surf Shop
  10. The Shaka Surf Club
  11. CeCe Longboards
  12. Jan Latussek
  13. Rhythm Livin
  14. Monster Children
  15. HippyTree
  16. Killer Loop
  17. Driftwood Collective
  18. Bing Surfboards

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