Pastor Jerry Hemmingson

Sun City, CA

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In his earlier years, Pastor Jerry attended Augustana Lutheran College in Sioux Falls, SD, until he was called to serve in the U.S. Army. When discharged from the military, he completed his college education at National College of Business, majoring in Management and Accounting.

Jerry has been actively involved in church work in Temecula for over twenty years. Prior to becoming a commissioned minister, he served two terms as Vice President and four terms as President of a local congregation. He was chairman of the fundraising committee, Arise and Build, which initiated the congregation's first building project. He also served as an Elder and taught many Bible classes.

When he became a commissioned minister, he began Saturday evening services and preached and led them for over five years. He also served as interim minister of a Community Church for four months upon the resignation of the Senior Pastor.

Jerry was ordained in the Lutheran Orthodox Church (LOC) in April 2007 and in September 2007 accepted the call to begin the first West Coast congregation of the LOC. Heart Lutheran began with its first worship service on Saturday September 22, 2007.

Pastor Jerry explains the ministry of Heart Lutheran Church "We began with our first worship services serving a retirement community to live the philosophy we developed in planning Heart Lutheran Church. From the beginning we desired to serve God by serving the community first. In our view there are enough churches that build an infrastructure and then become committed to supporting the infrastructure. Our future is designed to develop a Community Service and Worship Center in a store front with the lowest overhead we can, and then serve the community with a place to come and use our facility in ways that can best serve their need. We want to provide a safe recreation room for our local youth and we want to be involved in helping other community based organizations. We feel this can best be accomplished without the need to buy land and build a church building that consumes thousands of dollars in mortgage and upkeep

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