Susan Koenen

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Dutch documentary filmmaker Susan Koenen is born 10 March 1974 in The Hague, The Netherlands. She is intrigued by people who can be a role model to the audience. That is why she filmed the Dutch Elena Simons, a young woman that's working on very original solutions to make this world into a fairy tale (ELENA IN WONDERLAND), and the remarkably strong girl Laura, who is only 14 years old when she looses her best friend to leukemia (LAURA & ANNE 4 EVER). Another strikingly strong child is Joppe, a 13-year old, who was born a boy but knows for sure that she should have been a girl (I AM A GIRL!). And Piet, the protagonist of THE WILD WEST, is a man who created a very special lurking place for underprivileged children in a multicultural neighborhood in the West of Amsterdam. Famous directors Heddy Honigmann and John Appel were both the producers and advisors of THE WILD WEST.

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