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HOPSCOT calendar.

Schedule events, link people.
Manage your events and people at one page in compact form.
The main idea of our application - pay particular attention both to the people and events they participate.
Using this application, you can easily organize people by binding them to events, as well as using the quick rearrangement of people from event to event. Your tablet as a management tool that can be always with you will help you to adjust the schedule instantly.
* Apple Calendar integration
Sync your events and attendees with Apple Calendar. Save them in iCloud
* Contacts application integration. Import / export contacts from your address book
You don't need to add your contacts to application one by one. Just tap on a button.
* Add contacts
If you want you can add some specific contacts to application.
* Schedule events and assign event types
Schedule events and add event types and assign them to events.
* Assign contacts to events
Use direct assignment or drag and drop contacts from right panel.
* Move contacts from one event to another
Select event then move contacts from it to another event for any week.
* Limit maximum number of contacts
Work only with free events if you want.
* Track payments
See only events and contacts when they need to process their payments.
* Copy and paste your events, days, weeks
* Nice icons for retina display

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