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Clearwater Media,was founded in 2009, with a goal of creating fun, entertaining, and educational outdoor films. You ask why this is so important to me? I grew up creating and watching personal movies and films with my family, and I want others to experience the laughter and fun that is shared. My goal is to produce films that friends and families will be able to watch over and over again. I will work with businesses who need a video for their company. As much as I want my business to grow, your business will also grow with the right media touch. Whether it be a wedding, or a business occasion that needs to be filmed, I can work with it all. I can create wedding memories that will last a lifetime for the new happy couple. Memories they will look back on when they have their 20th,30th and so on anniversaries. All footage will be filmed in HD and edited with Imovie for MAC or Final Pro Cut.

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