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Trevor Hearing worked in television for 20 years as a television cameraman, researcher, film researcher, producer, director, writer and executive producer, making programmes for ITV, BBC and Channel Four. He made programmes across a wide range of genres from Harry Secombe’s Highway to ITV’s true-crime drama series Crimestory. For the past 8 years he has developed his career as a lecturer in higher education as Head of Television, Video and New Media Production at the University of Sunderland and more recently as Subject leader for Film and Television at Bournemouth University Media School where he teaches a masters course in producing film and television. His research interests focus on the use of the documentary form as a means of academic research and dissemination and the integration of text and video through new media in a form he calls a "boovie". He is currently undertaking a practice-based PhD, making a performative, investigative documentary about the early history of the nuclear bomb, as a model of academic reflective practice to explore the concept of a creative academic research tool. His research is leading him to explore what this academic tool might look like, what new methodologies of performative investigation and reflection might be developed using video, and how it might differ from the industrial conventions of broadcast documentary video.


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