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  1. Documentaries

    by TeeJay joined

    4,434 Videos / 2,596 Members

    Documentary film is a broad category of visual expression that is based on the attempt, in one fashion or another, to "document" reality. Although "documentary film" originally…

  2. Poems in Motion: Animation Contest by QuietMan

    by QuietmanOnline joined

    165 Videos / 130 Members

    What started as an in-house art project at QuietMan, aimed at cultivating our team's creativity, is now open to you all: our friends, fans, and the artistic community. Animate a :15-:30 short…

  3. East London

    by daniele rugo joined

    179 Videos / 94 Members

    Group dedicated to the unusual landscapes, witty characters, urban charm of the right side of the Capital. The group aims at creating a platform to share films, trailers, projects, views and stories…

  4. One Shot Film Festival

    by One Shot Film Festival joined

    118 Videos / 137 Members

    In the current economic climate, the heat is on to cut costs, production budgets and media spend, so what better time to launch a new advertising festival that celebrates simple, creative film solutions. The…

  5. The Window project

    by Lucio Casellato joined

    60 Videos / 27 Members

    How many times have you travelled by train, plane, or by car and passed all the journey simply staring out of the window? Moving landscapes make you think, observe in silence, daydream. I am looking…

  6. Good, True & Beautiful

    by Uwe Lansing joined

    2,441 Videos / 4,042 Members

    Whatever is good, true and beautiful - this is the room to show it...


    by missmess film joined

    261 Videos / 136 Members

    a team sprung from theater group Respublica / Paris. 2000 & 2001 in Bruxelles we play at Varja Theater and Nadine Platoue, the play God is my Co Pilot based on psychoanalysis and movement; put…

  8. ArtsFreqs on Vimeo

    by Risa Dickens joined

    1,494 Videos / 259 Members

    This group is for submitting art videos of any kind to be featured on http://www.Frequency.com. ALL videos submitted will be indexed on Frequency. And Frequency editors will choose the best ones to…

  9. MusicFreqs on Vimeo

    by Risa Dickens joined

    1,438 Videos / 380 Members

    This group is for submitting music videos of any kind to be featured on Frequency.com. ALL videos submitted will be indexed on Frequency, and Frequency editors will choose the best ones to promote…

  10. Your Best Video of the Year

    by Blake Whitman joined

    7,174 Videos / 4,531 Members

    Pick your single *best* video of the year and add it to the group! :)

  11. Innovate/ innovar

    by Erick Flores Garnelo joined

    5,416 Videos / 946 Members

    A space where you can show new forms of audiovisual syntax. Un espacio donde puedes mostrar nuevas formas de sintaxis audiovisual

  12. creative expression

    by jon obsworth joined

    8,307 Videos / 1,520 Members

    individual awareness through creative expression Animation & Motion Graphics Comedy Everyday Life Films Music Welcome to creative expression feel free to post clips, start threads and…

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