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Hey, nice you dropped by ! i am still not sure what 2 do with this little profile here … till now there is not much 2 say … my name is Alexandre Zellermayer, born 17-11-1972 in Amsterdam / Netherlands … so that means i got 40 on november 17 last year (2012) …

having had a moving past with a lot of struggles and very strange and dangerous situations in my life … i have started a path of reinvention of my self … i am fed up with the situation around me and in my personal life … my interests and believes have changed a lot the last few years … but i was caught in the rules and conventions of my surroundings … that made me sick … and unhappy … this year is dedicated 2 my self and to find a new path in life

the likes & comments here will show what i reflect on and what inspires me to find my new path in life …

for now this is all i want to share for the moment … but in time this will fill up and i hope to maybe present my own little films in a near future …

THX for maybe following me in the future … cheers Alex


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  1. top ... love your vid ... it was a joy and a blast 2 see ya doing this trip ... looks like lots of fun ... looking forward 2 see more ...