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Jeremy Rubier is a multifaceted artist who focuses on the production of videos and music.

Whether this be music videos, films or advertisements, with his knowledge and team, products of high quality can be made, yet keeping prices low.

Jeremy Rubier, through his life as well as his art, properly illustrates the modernity of communication.

Growing up in Paris directly affected his love for Art, and his big move to Montreal unraveled his open-mindedness even further.

Now settled in one of the most multicultural cities in the world, Jeremy strives to actively produce new masterpieces, shooting and editing every opportunity at his disposal.

Jeremy’s approach is multidisciplinary: most of his work is both shot and edited by himself.

What’s more, his formal musical education allows him to compose the soundtracks of all his work, giving a unique personal touch to his productions.

During his year-long trip to Japan in 2009, as he sought to broaden his artistic visions, he succeeded in producing many short documentaries, including one which won the prestigious Swadesh Deroy prize.

After graduating from one of Canada’s top cinema schools, The Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, Jeremy kicked off the 2011 year by launching his own video production company, « YouthinkIdo ».

When he’s not working on videos, Jeremy can be found holding DJ gigs across various Montreal nightclubs. His love for electronic music can also be seen through his numerous compositions, which relate to the genres of Techno, Deep House or ambient.

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