Henrik L Andersen

Sindal, Denmark

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I was born in 1962 in Skagen, the top of Denmark, Europe.
Now living in Sindal (Sunwalley) 40 km. south of Skagen for 20 years
I have always been very interested in photography, but the “action” took speed, approx 8 years ago
When I got my first digital camera, as a birthday gift from my wife. Along came DSLR, Photoshop and Photomatix, and not to forget; flickr (^_^)

I love to travel, nature and buildings with character ..
Most of my work is HDR (High Dynamic Range)
3 or more photo combined in Photomatix
I try not to "Overdo & quot; them in colors, but sometimes
I can not resist when it requires.

I work as a Catering manager (Campboss) offshore
In the Danish North Sea 2 weeks offshore & 4 weeks onshore

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