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  1. Churches for LIFE
  2. William Koenig
  3. Dana & Sarah Films
  4. Blow the Trumpets
  5. OU Language Learning Center
  6. Queanbeyan SDA Church
  7. Pam Gillaspie
  8. Ben Nathan
  9. 119 Ministries
  10. El Shaddai Ministries
  11. Jim Tompkins
  12. MJBI
  13. Zach Adams
  14. Devora Clark
  15. One Community Church
  16. Living Hope Community Church TV
  17. Hope Center Tabernacle
  18. Beth Goyim

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  1. As mentioned above, if you find a video that you feel violates our guidelines, please feel free to flag it so that the staff can take a closer look. Thanks.
  2. As Darnell suggested, we're currently working on solutions to help battle this. Thanks for your suggestions.
  3. Also, you could probably make a dent in the videos by finding channels and collections that specialize in porn. I noticed one called "Cafe Fantasy" and another that was something like "Best Girls on Vimeo" with overtly pornographic themes. Or a search…
  4. I noticed that some of the videos are missing the flag button. Perhaps there is a hack being used to eliminate it? Or some videos get accidentally marked as safe after they've been flagged? Users who continually upload porn should be removed. I…