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  1. Great test!
  2. Hi Alan, here is a very short test I did of my lens; could you please let me know what you think. How can I further test it? OIS off: OIS on:
  3. Thanks, Alan.
  4. soso tests commented on Winter Marocco
    Thanks Blanche. Amazing! This seems like a great set for interviews... Looking forward to watching your future ones using audio. I too will need to do some interview style for work in near future. Until then I'll be using it for travel pieces. I…
  5. Hey Alan, May I ask where did you buy your lens from? I have 2 options to buy this lens: eBay (Japan) and Canada. Two issues at hand: if I buy from Japan I save $300; if I buy from Canada/local, I have the ease of exchanging it with no hassle if…