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Chicago, Illinois USA

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I've been entertaining people since age 3. I guess I had a natural talent for singing, dancing and creating shows. Growing up in a strict family of educators, medicine and business, entertainment industry was not a consideration. They didn't push me to pursue my natural talent, until one day, I was scouted by one of those modeling talent agencies. Yes, we all know about them. My sister said give it a try before I get too old, so I did. Well, I stumbled upon an endeavor that awoke The Giant Within (thanks Anthony Robbins). In 7 years, I've appeared/starred in 31 film/televison projects, 25 commercial/industrial, print/voice-over, produced/exec. produced 15 film projects and even had my own tv show at one point until I became too busy filming. I guess sooner or later, one's love and passion will surface no matter how many years it stayed dormant.

Having produced tons of films, one must have their own production company! Yes, I joined the rankings. I had to for legal purposes at first, but then I decided, I'm going to do my own projects or projects that are worthwhile. I love story telling, love creating concepts that are original, though they said nothing is original under the sun, whatever, mine sounds original. Most importantly, I would love to explore the lives of people, places and things and bring them to life on film and share them with the world, well, with those who own a television or internet anyway. Yes, I love people, I love acting, I love making movies, but most of all I love helping people and changing lives.

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