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  1. what is diopter range (for example - from -1 to +1.5 ) , etc
  2. Maybe there is some improvement by decreasing to -15, but I dont see it. The bad think for me is that I dont see real blacks on my EVF when set so. It's not showing it on internal VF, external VF, on TV or computer monitor, nowhere. But when we are…
  3. I have tried going to -15 with my external recorder Atomos Ninja 2 and it has no problem to record all the data. But I allso have tried to find a difference between -15 and +15 when stretched back in post and I didnt see a difference. It seems there…
  4. Cons I found after one day: - LCD is 60HZ only. That means its not showing 25p, 50p or 50i properly. Its like playing 50p material on 60p monitor, its jiggeling. But compared to Alphatrons hudge lag its still better EVF. All other cons remains. -…
  5. I have sold Alphatron and recieved new Cineroid 4RVW today... It is WAY BETTER than the Alphatron EVF035W-3G. It has quite no lag (below one frame), the eye cup has MUCH better fit, it has battery status indicator, variable battery adapter plates