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A documentary film by Carla López

Voices form the Abyss is a 60-minute documentary film (currently in production) about veganism and the animal rights movement around the world, expressing the hopes and fears of a generation. The film is the vision of Producer and Director Carla López that has been a vegetarian since she was five years old. At an early age Carla understood that animals are not mere objects, but instead sentient beings and our equals in this planet. Voices form the Abyss, is largely her point of view as a director on an ongoing fight for a change. Carla is herself an activist and a vegan and she has continued to evolve, absorbing many different influences and taking on new creative forms to spread the word about the philosophy and ethics of veganism.

Through interviews and the use of undercover film footage, photos and other archival material, Voices from the Abyss will depict the lives of grassroots activists and experts from around the world that are denouncing and fighting all forms of animal suffering and abuse. This documentary will ultimately reveal the ability of veganism and animal rights activists to express the shared hopes and dreams of people everywhere striving to make the world a better place.

Shot on location in Miami, Los Angeles, Argentina, Canada and Australia Voices from the Abyss reveal the issue of animal suffering, asks why this is happening and why so little is being done to save the animals and the planet. Our film will expose the mistreatment of animals in our society and reflect on the activism and hopes of those who discover they can change the world one bit at a time.

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