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Oxfordshire, UK

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I make films. Some people like them, some people don't. Will keep making them regardless ;).


  1. JOBO Visual
  2. Rudi Schneeberger
  3. David Lee Roth
  4. warmeye
  5. Digital Bolex
  6. steven
  7. Neil Marriott
  8. Albert Pyun
  9. ifranz
  10. Jan van der Meer
  11. Philip Bloom
  12. Mikko Löppönen

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  1. Son of Sizemore commented on Overcast
    After a few months with the BMPCC, how are you finding it?
  2. Love it! Did you shoot 'black and white' or adjust colour footage in post?
  3. Good stuff! Influenced by Italian horror cinema? Feels quite Argento-esque :). I was just searching vimeo for stuff shot on the DVX100, and it looks good...okay, not HD, now we have all manner of HD cameras, but it seems to have a nice look :)