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  1. Hi Nissa, I agree that you seemed very well prepared for this speech. Great voice quality as well!
  2. Hi Nisa, Awesome job. Like Mariam said, you do a great job with your eye contact, and having a smooth/genuine presentation. You seem very prepared with what you wanted to say and deliver this speech very well. Thanks, Paul
  3. Very well delivered presentation. You appear well practiced and well prepared. Good job and well timed out.
  4. Hi Nisa, After watching your video I just wanted to let you know that you did a good job at it. Your presentation was smooth uninterrupted and seemed genuine. I always have trouble having eye contact in my videos but you managed that well which…
  5. Great video! Kudos to you to be able to do an after dinner speech. I tried a couple times a failed miserably.