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  1. Inbar commented on JMT Hike 2013
    Dreaming about doing this one! ... loved your vid, thanks 4 sharing ! ! ! big thumbs up :)
  2. Guys, I LOVED your videos! What an inspiring adventure... Well done and thanks for sharing :)
  3. Every time I watch your GR20 video clips (this one and the first part) I renew my commitment of, one day, hiking this path. I have so far done other, easier, hikes such as the TMB and Walker's Haute Route (from Chamonix to Zermatt). But my appetite…
  4. I'm a huge fan Michele! (I already saw both videos and commented on, a long time ago actually, but couldn't stay indifferent when watching now again...) Thank you for sharing your experiences. Among other things, its…