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Ever since he can remember, Jared Deal has been fascinated by cartoons. Like many children, Jared would wake up at the crack of dawn on Saturday mornings, grab a bowl cereal and sit down in the living room to watch some of his favorites. From a young age Jared was always drawing. He was notorious for filling up sketchbooks faster than his parents/grandparents could supply them to him.
His combined love of both cartoons and drawing quickly developed into a career soon after graduating from the Art Institute of Philadelphia in 1998. He was quickly hired out of school as a character designer on MTV's "Downtown" ... a hip new animated show featuring a group of 20-somethings living in NY. Considering Jared was 20 himself at the time and living in New York, this was the perfect show to work on!
Since MTV Jared has worked for many of the giants in the animation/television industry including... Cartoon Network, Disney TV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and Spike TV. Jared's work can be seen all over... on both the television and the web. He's animated and designed for cartoon series, music videos, shorts, and even jumbotron animation!
Most recently Jared has delved in to the world of toy design. His line of carney inspired toys he creates with his partner Garnet Syberg- Olsen and sculptor Eric Nocella have struck a chord with collectors in the urban vinyl toy world, and his hand sewn plush creations have also become quite popular. Jared's paintings have been featured in numerous galleries spanning the globe from New York to Austrailia and everywhere in between.
When he's not working, Jared loves to travel. He's a huge fan of the beach and has been seen lugging his surfboard in the back of an empty subway car on his way to the shore... yes, there is surfing in New York. He also enjoys playing video games with his friends & girlfriend. He's an avid toy collector and will probably never grow up.

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