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Mount Lawrence is a documentary film focusing on Chandler Wild, a transplanted Texan living in New York City running out of the inheritance that his adventure seeking and outdoor loving father left him after his suicide in 2007. The film follows Chandler as he travels by bicycle 6,500 miles to Alaska to name a mountain after his father.

After taking his inheritance and moving to New York City, Chandler has spent the past six years leading a carefree and luxury life, with no real view of the future and no respect for the past.

He soon realizes that he will run out of any sort of income what so ever, and by doing so, lose everything tangible that his father left to him. His own purpose in life vague and unclear, Chandler choses to use the last of his inheritance to make a radical change. He decides to attempt a feat of will and perseverance, engaging in something that his father would have been proud of and will help preserve his remembrance. Setting out without any previous experience traveling long distances on a bicycle, Chandler must learn the ropes of life as a nomad moving along the blue line state highways of America for four and a half months.

Along the way, the people that Chandler meets are asked what their purpose in life is and their answers help Chandler begin to piece together what he sees as a life purpose for himself.

Mount Lawrence promises to be a physical and emotional ride of a boy becoming a man while traveling through the heart of the American Continent.

A note from the filmmaker:

"To me, this film is about searching for a sense of purpose through journey, where the destination is more about the self-realizations along the way. Hopefully, by telling this story of my attempt to complete this journey and bring a sense of purpose to the money my father left me, I can bring a sense of purpose to my own life. As an artist, I've always been awe struck by the expansive American landscape, it's people, and their combined ability to transform the soul of a traveler moving among and through them. This beauty was something that my father taught me, and something that I hope to reconnect to, all while exploring what my father left to me, tangibly and intangibly.
I want people to walk away with the hope that personal change for the better through placing oneself in demanding circumstances is always possible."

When does the journey begin?

We begin filming on April 1st, 2013 when we leave New York City.

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