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  1. After Effects CS5

    by WebForU2 joined

    9 Videos / 9 Members

    After Effects and friends of the fam ... Premiere Pro, C4D blends, tuts, pointers and tools

  2. Adobe Premiere Pro CS5

    by Jun Salcedo joined

    253 Videos / 93 Members

  3. Premier Pro & After Effects

    by Bharath joined

    15 Videos / 16 Members

    Colection of Premier Pro and After effects collection

  4. Premiere Pro User

    by Richard TOULON joined

    246 Videos / 71 Members

    Toutes les astuces pour les utlisateurs de Premiere Pro.

  5. Premiere Pro User

    by Emrys Roberts joined

    7,611 Videos / 2,380 Members

    I am hoping premiere pro users will use this space as a center for advice, tutorials, collaboration and exploration in the world of using Adobe Premiere Pro. Adobe Premiere Pro is an incredibly solid…

  6. Mac Users

    by FFDC :: Jeffrey Holland joined

    26.7K Videos / 6,959 Members

    A group for all mac users and those who edit video using a mac.

  7. Final Cut Pro & Pro X Tips and Tricks

    by Joel Godin joined

    810 Videos / 1,556 Members

    Here you'll find quick tips, tutorials, and tricks for using Final Cut Pro and Pro X from Apple. Occasional examples if they showcase Final Cut features.

  8. Mac Creative

    by Simon Thomson joined

    14.3K Videos / 3,775 Members

    This group is for all those people who use Apple Macs to create their work. Whether you earn a living from it or are just a hobbyist we want to see what you can do with the power of a Mac. From iLife…

  9. iMovie Tutorials

    by STV - Strathcona Television joined

    14 Videos / 9 Members

    iMovie Tutorials for Strathcona BGGS

  10. iMovie Vimeo Group

    by Dave Day joined

    1,335 Videos / 452 Members

    A place to showcase your iMovie projects. Be creative and share your examples of what can be achieved by using this fantastic piece of software. Be inspired by other iMovie users and share your tips,…

  11. iMovie

    by Preston Todd Cash joined

    90 Videos / 62 Members

  12. Panasonic AG-AC160 Users Group (and AG-AC130, too)

    by 1013media joined

    311 Videos / 232 Members

    Explore & share your Panasonic AG-AC130 & AG-AC160 AVCCAM footage, techniques, questions and concerns.

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