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Houston, Texas

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Imagination is fueled by memory. Visual Artist Robert Hodge, Visionary Curator Marlon Hall and Strategist Danielle Fanfair will complete an art exhibition called “Amnesia Therapy: Remembering Our Future,” featuring the stories of heroes whom we should remember to fuel the efforts and accomplishments of the next generation. Doctors treat amnesiacs memory loss with Art Therapy, including Phototherapy, Music Therapy, and Journaling to revive memory.

Our intentions are to revive cultural memory through a year-long project that collects and documents the memories of current history makers and takes them to the Rift Valley in Kenya via a public art exhibition in Houston, Texas, a book featuring the visual artwork of Robert Hodge and the collected memories of history makers of our time, and a documentary film exploring the human story and the journey to the Rift Valley in Kenya.

The Exhibition: Like a womb, Houston, Texas has nurtured the lives and careers of folkloric artists and businessmen. Beginning with a nomadic public art exhibition featuring hand-drawn and graphically designed portraits of these trailblazers, each participant is invited to continue their journey of discovery via a short film. We must explore these stories to imagine more for our own personal narratives.

Location: The portraits are on exhibition at 1422 Ledwicke St., across from the Judson Robinson, Sr. Community Center.

This exhibition is funded in part by a grant from the City’s Initiative Program through the Houston Arts Alliance.