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Welcome to Perris Today!

Perris Today is the new vimeo page for the City of Perris that is the add-on to our Facebook page. It will continue to document City of Perris events, projects (old and new), and to show you what the City of Perris is all about.

Please tune in and "subscribe" to our channel.

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  • City of Perris - The city of Perris is located in Southern California. It has a mild, arid Mediterranean climate and a young, diverse population.
  • City of Perris Facebook - Like us on facebook for news and events coming your way!
  • City of Perris Twitter - For fast and easy ways to following up on Perris' upcoming news and past events. Read it here now!
  • Flickr! - Check out photos of Perris before turning 100 years old.

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