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  1. Tim Manders

    Tim Manders Rotterdam, the Netherlands


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    My name is Tim Manders (27) and I'm a writer, director & cinematographer from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I am the co-founder of Injectie Media (corporate films) and Cinematic Motion (fiction films) and plan to (continue to) make my career out of making films. I like philosophical themes…

  2. Nick Driftwood

    Nick Driftwood Plus brighton, UK


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    Follow me on Twitter @Driftwood_Prods Nick Driftwood (AKA the GH2 Driftwood hack) runs Driftwood Productions in Brighton, UK. Currently producing a series of short films for the movie 'Driftwood' for tba release and 'The Collective Short stories of Bertolt Brecht', Driftwood Productions…

  3. Richard van der Laan

    Richard van der Laan Plus Netherlands - Zwolle


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    I am a dutch filmmaker of short films and experimental video art. Some of my work has been screened at: Ascona Film Festival in Switzerland, International Film Poetry Festival in Athens, Kunsten Festival Watou in Belgium, London Poetry Systems, Northern Film Festival in Holland, North Light Arts Film…

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