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Husband. Architect. Melomaniac. Amateur Photographer.


  1. Alex Cherney
  2. Tor Even Mathisen
  3. Christian Mülhauser
  4. Stian Rekdal
  5. Uncage the Soul Productions
  6. Dominic
  7. John Eklund
  8. geoff tompkinson
  9. Daniel Sanchez
  10. Project Yosemite
  11. Enrique Pacheco
  12. Sunchaser Pictures
  13. Preston Kanak
  14. Tom Lowe
  15. Mario Pérez
  16. Saury Armenta
  17. Alex Roman
  18. Diego Contreras

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  1. Si! y musica de Josafat Reyes de fondo jajajaja
  2. Congratulations Diepardo Canteras! really liked the video man! By the way, band added to my collection :)