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I Recognize Resemblances and then Extract and Utilize them. I call it Abstract Extraction and it lead me to the discovery of the Old Man in the Peanut!

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  1. I am an artist that Recognizes Resemblances and enjoys Extracting them from the patterns around us. In this case, an air conditioning duct resembles a straw - the addition of a cup helps the viewer Extract said Resemblance. Sandrine is an expert…
  2. Ismael Cavazos commented on Goobers
    Thanks Daily Texan, for sending Ben Bloom to cover my art! He did a wonderful job as you can see here.
  3. Ismael Cavazos commented on Goobers
    Thank you Ben Bloom for covering my art so expertly!
  4. Ismael Cavazos commented on PAREIDOLIA I love Recognizing Resemblances and then Extracting them!