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628 Broadway, NY, NY

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Neo Studios is a New York City photography studio, located in the heart of downtown Manhattan, on the corner of Houston and Broadway. In business since 2006, it has attracted clients as diverse as Cover Girl, DKNY, Victoria Secret and Revlon. Celebrities such as Alicia Keys, Chris Rock and Katy Perry like the studio’s privacy and easy access. The studio is beautifully outfitted with the latest convenience and offers 2 sought-after shooting spaces. See more at

With our anniversary fast approaching, after a very busy 7 years, some things are new again! Gleaming hardwood floors, re-finished cycs, sparkling clean walls, new kitchen cabinets, hair & m/u tables, new kitchen appliances and food prep gear are ready in each studio.

As always, we have the latest advanced photography equipment in-house, featuring Leaf, Broncolor, Profoto, Phase One, Hasselblad H system, Mac Pros, Eizo Monitors, Avenger, Matthews and all of the best industry kit you deserve for your production.

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