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Hello world,

For those of you who don't know me yet, my name is Birau Bogdan, 20 and i am currently studying in Denmark, more precisely Copenhagen. Studying what, you may ask, well the course is called Multimedia Design and Communication, yeah i know, it sounds .....complicated. Well the course actually teaches you how to work with all the programs in the adobe pack(Photoshop,After Effects,Dreamweaver,etc) basically you can be a designer, programmer, director:D, what ever you put you mind to.
I'm glad i covered that so far now to the personal stuff.
Hobbies: i actually have some, buy me a beer once and i will tell you more
Personality:Strong mindset, hard worker(on what I put my mind to), determent to succeed in life, hungry for knowledge, i can go on all day....
Dreams:Succeeding in the Film Industry as a Actor, Director, Writer .......I'm mad about everything that has to do with film
Flaws:Took me a while but after a lot of self searching found out that i am a "bit " narcissist......more to come.

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