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Christina Noélle, born 23.12.1986
A picture is worth a 1000 words. To tell special stories in a creative way has always fascinated me, therefore I started to take pictures. Inspired by the diversity of people, styles, fashion, music, cultures and ages I have always tried to create something new, live my creativity to the fullest and put life into my pictures. I love to mix up things that don\'t seem to fit together or to catch beautiful real moments and emotions to make them unforgettable. I do also love to process happenings in pictures and to work with all kinds of people. Taking pictures is an endless, thrilling journey. Since my youth it has always awakened my passion to explore new things and to experiment. To really learn how to take pictures and to make them perfect, I have often used myself as a model and staged difficult shootings. This still is part of my work today. Long story short, taking pictures is what makes me feel alive.

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