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Electric Shadows is a non profit organisation helping to promote the evolution of public cinema in China.


  1. Solveig Suess
  2. cristóbal jurado
  3. Sonja Henrici
  4. Ronnie Johnston
  5. HaoBuHao
  6. Johan Planefeldt
  7. J F
  8. Disposable Film Festival
  9. Speedating Specialists
  10. Divya Viswanathan
  11. Cameron Duguid
  12. mo hague
  13. Mais Darwazah
  14. Greening theBeige
  15. not applicable
  16. Boris Austin
  17. Matt Elmes
  18. neil bhullar

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  1. Ecuador: vimeo.com/18624947
  2. short cartoon Link: https://vimeo.com/49621787
  3. Thanks to all who have submitted films. Please remember to state which country your film is produced in! Closing date for submissions September 30th.