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BALLETTO TEATRO DI TORINO was founded in Turin in the 70s around Loredana Furno, the étoile Regio Theatre. Open to contemporary forms of dance, she decides to invite, with new creations, choreographers like Milorad Miskovitch and Vittorio Biagi. In the 80s the company continues its research inviting young Italian choreographers, names like Bertrant D’At, Job Sanders, Gigi Caciuleanu, Luca Veggetti. In 2000 Karole Armitage creates the particular Yo, Gioacomo Casanova. A particular attention is also given to the artistic choreographic heritage, in fact José Limon Foundation will offer BTT one of its major pieces, There is a Time. The research and historical memory continue their path with the entrance in the repertoire of fundamental works in the history of dance of the XX century: Serge Lifar in 1997 and Aurel Milos in 1999, one of the major choreographers of the 50s and 60s in Italy. Since the beginning BTT has always cared about activities of artistic creations, activities for youngsters with shows, meetings and international workshops. Together with its Ballet Season in Turin and performances in the major Italian theatres, the company has been in Argentina, Peru, United States, Brazil, Uruguay, Russia, China, Taiwan, Israel. In 2001 Loredana Furno redefines the artistic profile of BTT choosing Matteo Levaggi as resident choreographer. In 2008 the company also wins the Prix compagnie d’auteur during Les Etoile de Ballet2000 in Cannes at the Festival Palace. Since 2009 BTT is a resident company at Lavanderia a Vapore, Center of Excellence for Dance in Collegno (Turin), wanted by the Piedmont Region and the Municipality of Collegno. Lavenderia a Vapore organized its season in collaboration with Maison de la Danse de Lyon and Pavillon Noir in Aix en Provence.

MATTEO LEVAGGI studies at BTT, after he enters the company and he distinguishes himself for the particular movement. In fact, a lot of choreographers create for him, like Karole Armitage in 2000. In 1997 Levaggi dances in Aterballetto company directed by Mauro Bigonzetti, then he chooses a free career. He works with Giorgio Albertazzi in Memorie di Adriano, where he plays the role of Antinoo, he has television experiences in the Saturday evening programme with Raffarella Carrà. For BTT he has created ballets inspired by painters like Andy Warhol and Caravaggio. Eclectic in his choices, he works with contemporary composers like Giovanni Sollima (who creates Caravaggio’s music in 2004), Heiner Goebbels, Béla Bartok, Gyorgy Ligeti, but also authors of electronic music such as Scanner, Autechre, Pan Sonic, Bochumwelt, Andy of Bluvertigo. He creates La Bottega Fantastica (Rossini/Respighi) for the Verona Arena and Drowning by Numbers with music by Micheal Nyman, while Le Grand Théatre de Genève inserts in its repertoire one of Levaggi’s duets, Largo, with music by Dimitri Shostakovic. In 2006 he is invited by Ismael Ivo at the Venice Arts Festival with his creation for the BTT and in 2007 at the Music Festival in Zagabria. In 2008 at Biennial of Lyon with the first act I White of the trilogy Primo Toccare, in 2009 at Joyce Theater in New York with the second act II Black, and in 2010 at TanzBozen with the third act III Red. In 2011, Francesca Pedroni dedicates to his work a documentary produced by satellite channel SKY Classic . In September 2011 he is invited with the creation Le Vergini (The Virgins) to International Ballet FEST of Miami and in October 2011 to MilanOltre International Festival, as the only Italian choreographer. To date Matteo Levaggi is considered by critics and not just, one of the main expressions of Italian contemporary dance in the world.

“Levaggi demonstrates an unerring sense of how long to sustain a pattern or gesture before intervening with another. He knows when to narrow our focus to a single dancer and when eclectic clusters would excite; when to assemble a still line of bodies down the centre and when to have them flicker along the margins.”
sublime gentleness... 4- stars review, Apollinaire Scherr, Financial Times, New York

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