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Welcome to Brit Es Magazine, where British and Spanish cultures blend beautifully. Brit Es was inspired by those Brits and Spaniards who work in, and love, each other’s countries. We at Brit Es are passionate about design, art, culture and lifestyle, and introduce cutting-edge Spanish creative projects to the vibrant British market.

Brit Es focuses on those who are lucky enough to have lived and worked in both countries. We hope you are as inspired as we are by these truly astonishing artists.
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  1. Hondartza Fraga
  2. gemma pardo
  3. Álvaro de la Herrán
  4. La Gamba Negra
  5. Pilgrim Films
  6. Rafa Pavon
  7. Pablo Maestres
  8. Jose Velazquez, Documentarian
  9. manusainz
  10. Eva Nieto
  11. Elisa Fonta
  12. Marcela Abal
  13. mar canet
  14. Hector Castells Matutano
  15. Irene Pérez Hernández
  16. ArtVideos
  17. David Catá
  18. Spain Now

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